Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2016-2017 School Year

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2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices


One of my favorite times of year growing up, was school supply shopping. Picking out all the new notebooks, pencils, book bag, etc. Then getting everything all laid out for the first day of school. So much fun! Ok, I will admit, I was a bit of nerd. I loved learning, I wanted to absorb as much as possible. Even still to this day, I am constantly learning new things.

When it came time to order homeschool curriculum for my daughter, all those feelings came back. When everything was delivered, we both had to lay out everything and look over every book. It was great to share the same excitement I had with my kiddo.

Miss Drama is in the second grade this year. She went to public school for Kindergarten and First Grade. This is our first year homeschooling.

Below is the curriculum that we will be using (have been using) and my thoughts on it thus far.

We are currently 4 weeks in.

For Missouri, the required subjects are reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science.


We are using Language 2 and Spelling and Poetry 2, both from A Beka. Also supplementing with First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind Level 2.

So far these are great, my daughter loves the Mr. Floppy Fish in the Language book.

Spelling is a struggle, (she takes after her momma on this), but the lessons are interesting and most days aren’t a fight.

The First Language Lessons is mostly reading on my part. Miss Drama enjoys this and the lessons are a great supplement.


For reading we are using Explode The Code. We are starting with Book 4. The format of these is great. We have had more “Aha” moments with these books so far than any other. Miss Drama doesn’t have a love of reading yet, but I feel once we finish these books she will be well on her way.


We are also using Letters and Sounds 2 and Handbook for Reading both from A Beka. The lessons in these are short and I feel that they will help build a good phonics foundation for reading.

We are also reading aloud the Magic Tree House series, Harry Potter and reading a selection of library books that Miss Drama gets to choose.


For math we are using A Beka as well. Arithmetic 2 and then the companion Tests and Speed Drills. Miss Drama loves math, this curriculum is challenging enough to keep her interested. She likes the timed speed drills and trying to beat her previous time.
I also print out worksheets for her to do as extra practice. I keep these in a folder that she can pick from when she is done with her other work.


Handwriting! I must confess, I have horrible handwriting. I hope that my daughter does not inherit this!

We are using Handwriting Without Tears. So far she likes it. She is really looking forward to learning cursive. She has been practicing her name since Kindergarten.


For science we are using Exploring The Building Blocks of Science (Book 2). This book covers topics in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geology, and Astronomy.  I bought the set, it comes with the Student Textbook, Laboratory Notebook, as well as a teacher’s guide to the lab activities.

The labs are fun and for the most part use stuff that you would probably already have on hand. Miss Drama loves science days.  We alternate every other day with social studies, doing the reading on the first day and the lab on the second.

We are also supplementing with Mystery Science. They are currently offering free membership for a limited time. Their units are great. We put them up on the smart tv and both kiddos benefit.


For social studies were are using Our America from A Beka. I read the section and the have Miss Drama answer the review questions at the end. We are also learning about a state a week. I found the 50 states sticker road trip at Sam’s Club and The Unites States of America book on Amazon. I purchased the U.S.A. Activity Pack from The Crafty Classroom. I printed out each of the pages, hole punched them and put them in a binder. Miss Drama likes learning about each state and it’s interesting facts.


I decided to add Creative Writing using Just Write. So far this is the only thing that is a struggle and we will likely scrap for this year. We will likely start this again next year.


For a foreign language we are using The Complete Book of Spanish for grades 1-3. This is a great introductory resource and the whole family is benefiting. We are also watching the Senor Jordan Youtube channel.

So all in one place:

Reading: Explode the Code, Letters & Sounds, Handbook for Reading and library books

Language Arts: Language 2 and First Language Lessons

Mathematics: Arithmetic 2 and Arithmetic 2 Tests and Speed Drills

Science: Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Book 2

Social Studies: Our America and weekly State Activity

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears Printing Power and Kick Start Cursive

Spanish: The Complete Book of Spanish

Next post I will talk about what we are doing for PE, Art, Music, and Computers.

I would love to hear what curriculum you are using/planning to use in the comments.

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Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum choices A Beka Curriculum Math, Science, Reading, Spanish

Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum choices A Beka Curriculum Math, Science, Reading, Spanish

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